Hey Beautiful,

I'm  Jackie Harray.
I'm all about YOU trusting in your intuition


Did I intend to develop intuitively? 
Was I seeking to create an unshakeable
sense of intuition?

Although many would presume 'yes', the truth is
intuition and intuitive were absolutely NOT on my radar! 

So how did it all happen?

As a woman who was brought up among 4 brothers, hockey, 4H and church in small town Saskatchewan, I was pretty laid back, ‘low maintenance’ and...tough (aka: show no emotion). And, although I was raised in church, there was very little 'spiritual' anything in my life.

                 By my 30's, I had numbed out my emotions & 
              so much that I had a hard time recognizing them...
                 (never mind working with them, tuning into them for guidance or feeling at ease with                                                            the more feminine-intuition side of my life)

Little did I know that my
emotions were the KEY that would unlock my intuition

Through a (divine) turn of events, I began the journey of awakening my Soul, mastering my emotional mindset and clarifying my purpose in this life. I read and learned all I could about the personality, the mind, the emotions and the soul.

As I began acknowledging and balancing my emotional mindset, I found myself in a space of silence for the first time in my life...

              It was like all of the energetic noise around me ​stopped
              and I could sit and breathe in silence and clarity for the
              first time in a long time.

My sense of intuition was awakening and I realized that the more I learned about myself, the more intuitive I became. 

I began: 
  • picking up on others desires, fears and intentions (beneath their words & actions)

  • recognizing others pulling or pushing their energy at me or simply Being (no push/pull)

  • discerning subtle variations in the sound of my internal voice (ego, higher self, guides, angels, loved ones) 

                    The best part was,  as my intuitive senses
                     developed, I  opened up a channel for Spirit to speak
                     through me.

                     My intuitive clairs began to flourish and unfold...
                     and I shifted from guiding clients by 'myself' to
                     collaborating with Spirit to coach, guide and impact. 

Everyone sees the unseen...
in proportion to the clarity in their heart

~ Rumi
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Jackie's Background:
          Over the years, Jackie has trained with a variety of influencers, intuitives and 
          thought leaders including:

          ~ Brene Brown (Courage & Vulnerability Researcher, Best Selling Author, Thought Leader)       
          ~ Charles Virtue (Angel Reader, Son of Doreen Virtue)
          ~ John Holland (Renowned Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author & Radio Host)
          ~ Gina Spriggs (Futurist, Holistic Intuitive, Mentor)
          ~ Carolyn Myss (Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author)

          Jackie holds a degree in Agriculture, is delightfully married with 3 children (ages
          10-13) and lives in rural Alberta on a cattle ranch.