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          ​Hey Gorgeous,

I am Jackie Harray and I'm all about
YOU trusting in your intuition

You're in the right place if you're ready to:

​Understand life's purpose & meaning

​Trust yourself & let go of self doubt

​Confidently navigate life & your emotions

​Enjoy life from a state of peace & calm

Ditch the endless mind chatter & stress

​Re-kindle your appreciation for life

​Tap into your 'inner knowing'

​Rock your spiritual sense & decisions




​You are an empath, a giver and a people pleaser; ​you often take on & manage others' worries, challenges & pain as your own; ​you may even struggle to make yourself (or your needs) a priority.

​If these ring true for you (like they did for me), you may struggle to tap into your sense of intuition because it's being overshadowed by all of the 'noise' of others needs, desires & expectations.​ Through my own intuitive journey, I've discovered that when a woman gets caught up in seeking acceptance, acknowledgement or validation through the outside world, the subtle voice of her soul (intuition) gets drowned out.



 I had 'no' (like zero) intentions on developing intuition or becoming intuitive...I literally woke up at 4:05am one morning to write 3 pages of notes about what I was about to do (then I started panicking!).
Here's the thing, our soul holds the blueprint for this life (& all others). 

​Our Soul doesn't function according to our 'optimal timeline' ignites, pushes and pulls us in order to align us with the soul growth, purpose & path that we're here for (so if you've been feeling 'off' - even though you physically have a great life - trust that the reason for this is your soul is crying out for be fulfilled and to fulfill it's journey in this life). It's TIME to get to work!!  


​I had no clue what intuition really meant...
I was super skeptical & I had no idea what to ask
(or where to find legit, down-to-earth guidance!)

​​Intuition is a natural ability (not a gift given to a
select few). ​It's probably showing up daily (you just don't recognize it).

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