Intuitive Coach & Soul Purpose Navigator
​​​Intuition Coach &
​Soul Purpose Navigator
​​​Awaken Your Intuition. Trust in Life.

​​​ ​​
What if your 'knowing' is
just waiting to be awakened?
Are you a heart centered woman who's lost her 'balance' or center in life?  Are you ready to let go of the guilt, people pleasing & self doubts and learn how to navigate life & your Soul Path from clarity, calm & ease?

You'd love to understand how to process your emotions, challenges & life purpose and to start navigating life's twists & turns from clarity.

Right now you might be feeling 'off' or 'unbalanced', struggling to fully appreciate the beautiful life you have (and feeling like you have no right to complain).

You're tired of over-reacting (& then feeling guilty for it) and you're ready to show up consistently responding from love.

I get it. At one point, I felt lost, craving peace of mind & wishing I had that 'inner knowing' & 'calm' that others seemed so blessed with.





​Instead, imagine feeling calm, clear  & appreciating life; ​understanding life's challenges; navigating your emotions, circumstances & your soul path effortlessly. 

I'm Jackie Harray
​Spiritual Coach. Empath Mentor.
Soul Purpose Navigator.
​Certified Angel Life Purpose Coach.

I'm passionate about providing you with the steps, tools & awareness 
so you can navigate life from calm & ease (instead of over-reacting &
feeling stressed out)

I still face challenges (same as everyone) but I use my intuition & knowing to navigate life,
​responding to life & enjoying
my family along the way

Regardless of where you're at on your soul journey,
if you:

  • ​Believe there's something more to life than what you're experiencing (but don't know how/who/what to ask)

  • ​Are done with living in a mind full of chatter (& ready to rock your mindset)

  • ​Are ready to tap into your 'spirit sense'
       (& unleash your inner knowing)

  • ​Are ready to begin flowing 'with' life (rather than getting caught up in it & stuck)

  • ​Are ready to live from calm, peace and ease & to radiate that presence to everyone around you

  • ​Are ready to embrace your spirituality (but in a down to earth, legit kind-of way)