Intuitive Coach & Soul Purpose Navigator
​​​Are you ready to...
​​​Navigate Life with Clarity,
​Thrive in Your Relationships &
​Experience an Unshakeable Sense of Self? 

What if your 'soul' is
just waiting to be awakened?


Are you a heart centered woman seeking to find balance, let go of guilt and show up clear, focused & calm (no matter what life throws at you)?

You'd love to understand how to process your emotions, challenges & life purpose and to start navigating life's twists & turns with calm & ease.

Right now you might be feeling 'off' or 'unbalanced', struggling to fully appreciate the beautiful life you have (and feeling like you have no right to complain).

I get it. At one point, I felt lost, craving peace of mind & wishing I had that 'inner knowing' & 'calm' that others seemed so blessed with.




​Instead, imagine feeling calm, supported  & appreciating life; ​understanding life's challenges; navigating your emotions, circumstances & your soul path calmly. 

I'm Jackie Harray
​Spiritual Coach. Empath Mentor.
Soul Purpose Navigator.
​Certified Angel Life Purpose Coach.

I'm passionate about providing you with the steps, tools & awareness 
so you can navigate life from calm & ease (instead of over-reacting &
feeling stressed out)

I still face challenges (same as everyone) but I use my intuition & knowing to navigate life,
​responding to life & enjoying
my family along the way

Regardless of where you're at on your soul journey,
if you:

  • ​Believe there's something more to life than what you're experiencing (but don't know how/who/what to ask)

  • ​Are done with living in a mind full of chatter (& ready to rock your mindset)

  • ​Are ready to tap into your 'spirit sense'
       (& unleash your inner knowing)

  • ​Are ready to begin flowing 'with' life (rather than getting caught up in it & stuck)

  • ​Are ready to live from calm, peace and ease & to radiate that presence to everyone around you

  • ​Are ready to embrace your spirituality (but in a down to earth, legit kind-of way)